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Eleven Eleven Elixir

Made with love and light and nothing but good things

Made with love and light and nothing but good things

Made with love and light and nothing but good thingsMade with love and light and nothing but good things

About Angelina Corrado & Eleven Eleven Elixir

Angelina Corrado, a strong, passionate woman from Boston, Massachusetts, is the president and founder of Eleven Eleven Elixir. Her skin care business came to fruition from her childhood love and appreciation for cosmetology, skin care, makeup and creativity. This passion drove her to find her way to the Elizabeth Grady School in Medford, Massachusetts where she was able to further her skills, becoming a licensed esthetician after graduating at 9 months pregnant in 2011. As she began to explore the field, humbly providing a variety of skincare services to her own clients, she started to incorporate her own organic, handmade skin care products. Based on her clients’ needs she began crafting original products from original recipes that she created in her kitchen (which she still does!) that were geared toward a given client’s needs and skincare goals. 

Angie is no stranger to hardships. She was raised by a single mom and had struggled for many years with the disease of addiction. She proudly shares her experience, strength, and hope and credits her life successes, particularly positive emotional and spiritual growth, to the grace of God and a 12-step program. Eleven Eleven Elixir is a direct byproduct of her sobriety which can be seen when Angie shares her sobriety date of 11/11/2008. She has literally and figuratively poured her heart and soul into her work as an esthetician and Eleven Eleven Elixir.  Even on days when life seems to be a struggle or if faced with something challenging, she can be seen smiling and standing with her head held high. If asked how she is doing, she most likely will answer with a sincere, “I’m grand! Thanks for asking!” 

Each skin care product developed by Angie is handmade directly by her, utilizing her knowledge, skills, and creativity. All of her skin care products are aligned with the notion that natural, plant-based products are the essential ingredients to nourishing and caring for the skin and body, as well as the mind. As a self-professed all-natural and organic grocery store  addict, she only puts the purest, all-natural, organic ingredients into her products. She aligns this rule with her own personal life and that of her young daughter, whom she is raising with these sincerely-held ideals. She believes in the goodness and authenticity of homemade and handmade all-natural ingredients. She also tries to incorporate some type of crystal infusion (such as quartz or amethyst) into her final product packaging.  All of her products are Reiki-Charged and made with Light and Love and Nothing But Good Things. 

To try her products and learn more about Angie, stop by her Etsy shop or Facebook Page. 

Photo Credit:  Norman Jaillet Photography